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Information & Guidelines

The Mandir is a house of God. It is very sacred; hence all visitors are required to abide by the following rules and regulations applicable to all areas including the Mandir, Haveli and the Exhibition.

1. Guide:

Guides available for groups. For individuals - audio guide available.

2. Shoes:

All visitors MUST remove their shoes before entering the Mandir or any part of the Haveli complex. (Shoe racks provided within the complex)

3. Photography &     Videography:
Photography & videography inside the building is strictly prohibited.
4. Food & Drink:
No food or drinks are allowed inside the mandir premises. Please discard any chewing gum in the bin provided before entering.
5. Mobile Phones:
Please switch off mobile phones before entering the premises.
6. Smoking:
No smoking inside the premises. Please dispose of cigarettes in the bin provided, prior to entering the gates.
7. Conduct:
Without Permission nobady can enter the garbh of temple.
8. Parking:
Car parking available. Limited coach parking.
9. Security:
For the safety of all visitors, various security measures are in place. Visitors are advised to leave belongings in  their cars or alternatively to deposit them in the baggage cabin in the car park.
10. Donations:
If visitors wish to make a donation to maintain the upkeep of the Mandir, cheques should be made payable   to Shri Ram Bali Prag Tiwari Trust.
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